Sunday, 29 September 2013

Introduction To WorkNC V21..

Hello Again..

Lets start with the introduction of WorkNC. Lets see what we can do by utilizing WorkNC software. Basically it is CAM software. 

WorkNC can be used by any CNC operated machines such as VMC(VERTICAL MACHINING CENTRE), HMC (HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTRE), CNC Routers etc. I am currently using this software for programming of HARTFORD VMC 1600.

We can do following type of machining by using this software.

WorkNC CAM main functions include:

  • Automatic geometry and machining zone detection and management
  • Specific fluid and progressive toolpaths designed for High Speed Machining
  • Full user stock definition (block, CAD, STL)
  • Dynamic 3 and 3+2 stock Management (Real time toolpath updated)
  • Complete tool and holder collision check with automatic stock update
  • Powerful toolpath editor
  • Virtual 3D machine representation and machining simulation (dynamic editing of points and vectors)
  • Powerful tool and holder library (holder components managed)
  • Automatic HTML workshop documentation.
  • Fore-casted calculation and machining times can be exported to WorkPLAN, the ERP software from Sescoi
  • User predefined machining sequences for automatic machining
  • Machining from STL files and point clouds
  • Batch mode calculations
  • Comprehensive postprocessor generator (NURBS, cycles, circular interpolation...)
Roughing Toolpaths :

  • Global Roughing and Re-roughing toolpath designed and optimized for HSM (high speed machining)
  • A range of specific toolpaths with trochoidal, spiral or plunging movement, including HVR (high volume roughing)
  • Roughing strategies use the Tool and Holder collision check with an automatic update of the stock
  • Automatic calculation and machining of rest areas based on dynamic stock
  • Re-machining toolpaths enable automatic rest material machining with increasingly smaller tools
Finishing Toolpaths :

  • A wide range of Finishing toolpaths optimized for HSM machining
  • Z Level finishing, Planar finishing, Flat surface finishing, Contour finishing, Edge finishing
  • Automatic Rest-material finishing with a sequence of progressively smaller tools
  • 3D Display of rest-material areas
  • Automatic 5 Axis conversion possible
2 and 2.5 Axis Toolpaths :

  • Pocketing, Contouring, Curve machining, Engraving, Rib machining, Facing, Drilling, Tapping ...
  • Automatic Drilling Module
  • Automatic feature detection and recognition, Pre-defined drilling sequence selection, Automatically generated drilling operations, Deep hole and intersecting hole drilling management
  • Customized Postprocessor
5 Axis Toolpaths :

  • Automatic 3 to 5-axis conversion with WorkNC Auto 5 
  • Wide range of Simultaneous 4 and 5 Axis toolpaths
  • 5 Axis Rolling, Planar finishing, Spiral Blade, Impeller, Tube, Laser ...
  • Collisions detection and machine limits management.

Courtesy: Sescoi India.