Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lets Start Using The Software WorkNC V21..

Till now i have introduced you to the various type of co-ordinate systems, basic types of offsets required to be considered while setting the work-piece on a CNC machine. I have also provided a light introduction to the type of tools used with CNC machines. That was all for the introductory portion. From today on-wards we are going to start working with the WorkNC software environment step by step from very beginning.

In WorkNC we are going to deal with WorkZone word a lot. So lets see what is meant by a WorkNC WorkZone.
  • A WorkNC workzone is the folder in which all the programming data, geometric model, post-possessed output is stored. When we import a geometric model into WorkNc and then we complete all the machining operations required by the work-piece then the output is saved in form of a workzone. The name of the workzone can be customized while saving it. DO not use space between words while renaming the workzone.
  • To import any geometric model into WorkNC, first we have to convert that geometric model (like .prt, .sldprt, .catpart etc) into a neutral file format such (.iges, .stp, .stl etc). To do so, if you are using softwares like CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, CREO etc then while saving the file just hit the save as button and in file type select any of the neutral file formats.


The WorkNC start screen is shown in the picture below. It consist of 
  1. Menu Bar (Top Left Corner) 
  2. New/Open Dialogue Box

The Menu bar consist of standard functions such as New/Open and Exit.

The New/Open dialogue box consist of big icons on the left hand side which are
  1. New Workzone: Used to create a new workzone by selecting a CAD file and setting various parameters related to the workzone
  2. Open Workzone: Used to search and open the previously created workzones/ machining sequence and loads them.
  3. New CAD File: This button is used to create a new CAD model in WorkNC itself by using CAD editing options.
  4. Open CAD File: Click to open the CAD files which are to be used for creating machining sequence. Here CAD files saved in neutral format can only be used.
And on the right side area which is also called as Preview Area there are four tabs as shown above which are,
  1. Recent Workzones: This tabs enlist the recently opened and used workzones list. We can easily switch to different workzones from this tab.
  2. Recent CAD Files: It shows the preview of the recently used CAD model for creating the machining sequence.
  3. Recent Sequences: It shows list of  recently used machining sequence from the various workzones.
  4. Search Workzones: It is used to find any workzone by entering its in name in the search box. Before searching we have to set search directory so as to search in a specific location.

So this is how to deal with workzones and importing CAD models in WorkNc. In next post we will see how to set various  workzone parameters, setting default directory for the workzones.
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