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Importing A CAD Model in WorkNc & Dealing with Toolbars..

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In last session we have seen the basic user interface of CAD mode. Now we are going to see how to import a CAD model in WorkNc so as to start working with its machinable features. As i told in previous posts it is necessary to save the CAD model in IGES format before importing it.
The CAD model can be designed in any modelling software like Solidworks, Catia or Unigraphics etc. So to import these models in WorkNc we must save it to IGES format by following the steps given below,

1. Open the CAD model in respective software.
2. Click SAVE AS.
3. Then in file format drop down menu select IGES. Then save it.

Now to import that saved part, Enter the CAD mode first. Then click on FILE menu and select OPEN.
Refer image below,

Importing An IGES File 
When you import any CAD model by default settings it is loaded in Wireframe mode of display. You can change the display mode to Shaded by using the View Type Toolbar above the viewing area. It is also called Wireframe/Shaded Display Toolbar. Once you change the display mode to shaded then your part will look exactly like how it used to look in your modelling software.Upon importing the model in WorkNC you can orient it according to your needs by using the view orientation toolbar.

Now we will see basic functions such as PAN, ZOOM, ROTATE by using mouse button combinations.

1. PAN        -  To pan model Click on the model then drag the model by using RIGHT CLICK key.
2. ZOOM     -  To zoom just use the SCROLL WHEEL of mouse i.e. middle button.
3. ROTATE -  To rotate a part hold SHIFT key then use RIGHT CLICK key to rotate the model.


In CAD mode we have to deal with only one toobar known as CAD ENTITIES CREATION TOOLBAR.
It contains all the tools necessary for creating or editing a CAD model by using basic modelling functions such as drawing basic entities lines, rectangles, curves etc. Below is a snapshot of this toolbar,

Entity Creation Toolbar

The small triangular symbol at the lower right corner of every tool icon suggest it has an expandable menu. Such as when you click and hold on line symbol icon then the menu gets expanded and show Icons for creating Rectangles, Polygons, Points etc. It applies to every icon on the toolbar. We will not get into details of each icon as you will learn it yourself while using the software.

You can find this toolbar to the left side of viewing area and besides management panel by default. The various entity creation tools can be used in the same way as we use them on CAD modelling softwares. For ex. for creating a line we select first point then the second points, for a rectangle we select first corner and the second corner point etc.

Arcs and circles can be drawn in the same way. A circle or an arc can be drawn using specifying the center point and then imputing the radius or by selecting three points through which the circle or arc passes. We can also draw ellipses.

So this thread explains how to Import CAD models and basic toolbar in CAD mode. Next thread will be more important as it is about dealing with User Coordinate Systems.

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